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Labor Doula

Our doulas provide support based on your wishes regarding your birth and your choice of birth location. As unbiased professional labor doulas, we guide you to evidence based resources, are emotionally available to support you, and are physically present during the actual labor and the birth of your baby. Your doctor or midwife’s primary focus is the safety of you and your baby. As doulas, we are focused on your physical comfort and your overall satisfaction surrounding your experience. As a result of this powerful combination, your baby is welcomed into a peaceful and positive environment.

Your team of professional doulas is eager to support you. Included in our labor support package is:

  • One prenatal appointment to develop a trusting relationship with your team
  • Unlimited phone, text and email support from the moment you sign your contract
  • ¬†Physical and emotional support during your labor and the birth of your baby
  • Immediate infant feeding support at the time of birth
  • One post birth visit in your home

Bell House Doulas understands that birth is a transformative experience where parents are created and lifetime memories occur. We are trained and understand when to lean in, and when to take a small step back during your labor process. Our goal is to leave you feeling supported and satisfied in every way.

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Call 772-444-2310 to speak with a doula today.