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These bongs may not be cheap, but they are designed in a simpler way than more expensive ones. The marbles’ weight, combined with the base’s 6″ wide and sturdy construction, provides additional stability. This reduces the likelihood of the tube toppling over. This Grateful Dead bong from Trident Glass is a beautiful piece of functional art.

There are many types of water pipes available, in different materials and at different prices. You can easily find one that suits your taste or budget. The digital revolution is changing the way people buy pipes and other smoking equipment. E-commerce offers a whole new level of convenience, allowing users to shop in the comfort of their own homes and spend all the time they want browsing products. Biohazard is the best choice for your biohazard needs. Cannabis enthusiasts choose our top-of the-line waterpipes & smoking tools for their high quality durability, creative design, and ease of usage.

Bongs vary in size, and they can have different functions and features. Glass bong and waterpipe designs are becoming more advanced and are now viewed as art forms. It is possible to get nearly anything from colors and designs. We don’t wish to put you at risk in order to make a few meager dollars by selling inferior products. That’s why we use glass bongs, which are proven as the best portable weed vaporizer for flower,, smoking material compared to all other stuff out there. This artist and activist has created bongs that are made of premium borosilicate, ultra-clear glass.

BongsMart offers Weedo Bongs made of extra thick Pyrex and the highest-quality materials. They are the ideal way to cool your pipe down without adding water to the level. It can bring a better smoking experience and allows smaller pipes to cool effectively. Silicone bongs have the same shape as glass bongs, but they are more durable. These two attributes alone make a silicone bong desirable for more and more bong enthusiasts and amateurs alike. Some glass purists may claim that a silicone bong has a different taste or is heretical.

You must have seen our viral video which got 20 million views in which we hammered the nail into a wood piece with one our thick glass bongs. It’s less likely that thick bongs will tip over, and if they do, it’s more likely that they won’t break. Beaker bongs feature a classic design which will perform flawlessly each and every time. You can easily clean them and add lots of water to make a good chug. A beaker shaped bong would be perfect for someone who likes to chug their smoke. As the world’s best online headshop our prices are without a doubt the cheapest you will find outline and cheap doesn’t mean low quality.

Straight tube bongs typically consist of an upright pipe with a spout and downstem. Some also feature a small flared outer rim that provides extra stability. We carry a wide variety of bongs – classic, unique, percolator, and more. It’s important to know how your new bong will fit into your lifestyle. We’ve created a list of FAQs and tips to help you choose your new water bong. A percolator diffuses hot smoke in the water chamber of the bong for smoother, cooler and less harsh hits. There are dozens upon dozens of different percs. Each has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. On a bong a perc will diffuse smoke by exposing as much of the surface area to the water as possible. The water will cool down the smoke prior to inhalation.