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A matching colored bowl piece. Acrylic is often used to make cheaper bongs. Acrylic bongs offer a big hit with a great taste, but one thing is for sure: they do not last as long. Acrylic is very hard to clean properly, and after some time they start to smell. If you’re a heavy user of bongs, an acrylic bong will not last you more than five or six months. However, if you just use bongs occasionally, an acrylic bong could last you up to a year or two.

We promised that we would share our top 5 glass bongs recommendations. You can get maximum cooling by freezing the glycerin foil for at least an hour. No more adding ice cubes to your bong, only for them to melt and throw off your ratio of water.

Shop Canada’s Best Bong Store and buy your bongs on-line with confidence. Smoking through the glass water bong is more pleasurable due to the water used inside the bong. For even better cooling some of the glass bongs have an ice holder so you can add few ice cubes. Smoking in a glass-on-glass bong gives you a more intense hit. The glass on glass stem or just the bowl /depends on the type/ is pulled out while inhaling. If the stem is tightly fastened with a rubber grommet you do not pull it out, but instead cover the carb hole and then let go.

This is because it allows more filtration. It also makes it easy to pull and very smooth, making it very popular with smokers. A percolator is a must-have for any smoking accessory collection. Understanding how a pipe works is crucial if you intend to purchase or use one for your cannabis flowers. It’s also essential to understand the ins and outs of a bong in order to get the most out of every hit while preserving the best flavor and taste profile possible. Let’s take a look at the water bong components and how smoke is transported through them.

If you are looking for high quality smoke products at a reasonable price, we are the smoke shop to visit. We offer shipping to the US (via Canada Post, which is affiliated with USPS) and Canada. The ice trap is also known as ice catcher, vapor recovery [] or pinch. It is a feature of bongs which uses ice bars or cubes to reduce the temperature quickly. Cool smoke is much more pleasant than hot smoke.