Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation,Tinctures,and Powders

Placenta encapsulation is the process of dehydrating the placenta, crushing it into powder form, and encapsulating it in gel capsules for consumption. In western culture, placenta consumption is not considered a popular practice, however, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have been implementing this practice for centuries.

The placenta is the only organ that the human body creates with a single purpose, and then releases when it is no longer of use.

The placenta has power!

It has the power to nourish and oxygenate a baby in utero, secrete important pregnancy hormones, house both the mother and baby’s blood while keeping them separate, and… So! Much! More!

The best kept secret is that even after the body expels it… IT STILL HAS POWER!

While there isn’t much evidence regarding the benefits of placenta encapsulation, and its consumption, the anecdotal evidence shows great promise for incredible results.

Commonly reported benefits include:

  • Mood stabilization
  • Decreased risk of postpartum depression
  • Increased production of oxytocin
  • Decreased release of stress hormones
  • Restoration of iron levels
  • Decreased bleeding post birth
  • Increased milk supply
  • Elongation of one’s connection to the birth of their baby

A Bell House Doulas professional Placenta Encapsulation Specialist will pick up your placenta at the time of your birth and return it to you within 48 hours encapsulated. You also have the option to have a placenta tincture made with a small portion of your placenta. This can be discussed prior to encapsulation. The placenta tincture process takes approximately 6 weeks to complete and is done in conjunction with your placenta encapsulation service.

If you are considering placenta encapsulation following the birth of your baby, we would love to discuss it with you. This intimate service often comes with lots of questions and we are always eager to engage in answering them!

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