Sibling Doula


Personalized care and support with a sibling doula is an excellent way for you to ensure a more smooth transition for the whole family. Your child’s sibling doula will be available to offer appropriate physical, emotional, and educational support from the time you contract our services.

Upon signing your sibling doula contract, you can expect support which includes:


  • An initial prenatal visit in your home to discuss your birth plans and what level of involvement you see your child having in your birth.
  • A secondary visit that will be a 2 hour date night so your child can get acquainted with being alone with your sibling doula. During this time, the sibling doula will find out what the child loves, and have an age appropriate “childbirth education” talk with your child, and familiarize themselves with your home and child’s routine.
  • Phone, text, and e-mail availability for you to discuss any concerns relative to your child’s experience during the pregnancy, labor, birth, or postpartum processes.
  • Access to our kid-friendly lending library.
  • On-call sibling doula ready to come to your child’s side during your labor and birthing experience.

*After 24 hours a $20 per hour rate applies.



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